Physio3D Software

  • The Physio3D software is an efficient software that allows therapists to create high quality, personalized exercise DVDs for their patients within 2.5 minutes. It functions as an essential aspect of the patient rehabilitation process using comprehensive and eye-catchign 3D animations and professional audio to guide the patient along and ensure the patient's complete understanding. Physio3D presently has over 400 animated exercises and that have been designed for simplicity, and is supported by a powerful, easy to use software and hardware system that optimizes usability and performance. The Physio3D software is currently under development.

Lying Hamstring Curl Iliotibial Band Stretch

IIiotibial Band Dyndrome Demo:

This is an example of a treatment program designed by a physiotherapist, using the Physio3D software, to treat Iliotibial Band Syndrome. The following animations truly embody the notion that Physio3D brings another dimension to rehabilitation:

IIiotibial Band Dyndrome Demo